The best feature of Capital Sands is the vast range of services that we are currently offering to our customers. Be it trading in currency pairs, in commodities, or in shares,

We have been continuously expanding our market range and currently offer shares of almost every top Multinational Companies with no commission fees. If you want to trade big names such as Google, Amazon, etc then consider trading Shares CFDs with us. With Capital Sands, you can buy and sell shares of some of the best stock trading brokers in India most influential companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, and other European Stock exchanges. Trading on Shares lets you capitalize on the changes in an individual share price both quickly and easily, whether you are Buying or Selling. Some of our most popular traded stocks are; Amazon, Google, McDonald’s, eBay, Alibaba, Facebook Etc.

Advantages of Trading Shares with Capital Sands Fast Execution and strong LiquidityLeveraged Trading and Bonus Offers to boost your trading capabilityTrade multiple products with one account, no need for a separate account for Shares trading access to the world’s top traded Shares.

Our shares offering is currently being expanded to include more symbols with improved trading conditions. We now offer more than 150 major US, UK, French, India, and German shares, with no commission fees. best stock trading brokers in India Each contract refers to 1 share, with the minimum contract size being 1 share. Please note that a maximum trade size of 1000 applies for all shares.