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Mat Hold Pattern

What is a Mat Hold Pattern?
A mat-hold pattern is a candlestick shape that indicates the continuation of a previous move.
This pattern begins with a lucrative trading day in one direction, followed by three modest days in the opposite trend. The fifth day follows the conception of the first day, pushing down or up in the same way as the first day.
In technical analysis, the pattern is considered a reliable but unusual index. Sometimes it is confused with the representation of the three ascendants. The difference, however, is that trades on days two through four of the three rising indicators generally stay within the highs and lows set on the first day.
Investors and analysts use this model to predict if and to what extent the current rise will continue. Traders and experts generally believe that this chart indicates that the momentum is stable and the uptrend is likely to continue.
As mentioned above, mat maintenance patterns can be bearish or bullish. A bullish pattern starts with a large bullish bar, a gap above it, and three smaller bars going down. These candles must remain above the low of the first candle. The fifth candlestick is a large candlestick that rises once more. In other words, the pattern appears in the context of a general increase.
The bearish shape is the same as the bullish shape, except that candles one and five are huge falling candles, while candles two through four are smaller and rising. These candles must remain below the high of the first candle. Candle five is a long descending candle that surrounds the pattern and should occur during a downtrend.
Bullish Mat Hold Candlestick Pattern
A bullish hold is a five-candlestick pattern that appears in a sustained uptrend and indicates that the trend will continue to be up. The first candle on the bullish carpet is large and positive, followed by three smaller negative candles. The last candlestick is large and bullish and closes at the top of the pattern.
In the bullish mat-hold pattern, the first and last candles are large and bullish, while the three candles in the middle are small and bearish.
Characteristics of a Bullish Mat Hold Pattern
The first candlestick is large and positive and appears in an uptrend.
The next three candles are bearish and close below the initial bar
The last candlestick is large and bullish and manages to close above the high of the pattern.
Bearish Mat Hold candlestick pattern
This is a five candlestick bearish continuation pattern that occurs in a downtrend and indicates that the market is taking a temporary break, after which another downtrend is expected. In a bearish all-in, there are five candlesticks. The first and fifth are negative, while the three middle candles are positive.
Characteristics of a Bearish Carpet Hold
The first candlestick is large and bearish and is part of the downtrend.
The second, third and fourth candles are small and bullish.
Fifth, the last candlestick is large and bearish and closes below the pattern low.
Example of the Mat Hold Pattern
Carpet fastening pattern is odd. Therefore, traders can allow small deviations in the pattern as long as the general premise of the pattern remains intact.
The following pattern in Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) starts with a strong candlestick in an overall uptrend. This is followed by four remaining candlesticks above the low of the first. The bullish pattern usually only has three descending candlesticks. The pattern is followed by another higher leg, although in this case it is short-lived.
Despite the deviation from normal (six candlesticks instead of five), the overall pattern shows a sharp rise in price, a pullback, and then a sharp rise in the direction of the trend at the end of the pattern.
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