Yashaswi Jain 15-Sep-2021

What is Forex Trading and why should you invest in it?


Traders and Investors are always looking for a new way to invest and grow their capital. 

And one of the new emerging markets in India is Forex or Foreign Exchange Market. 

Forex is a Foreign Exchange Market where buying and selling Currency pairs are done digitally. Buy & Sell can be done through online network forex is an OTC market it means you just need a laptop and network connectivity for trading through anywhere in the world.

Some of the major Forex Trading Currencies are: 

  • EUR vs USD

  • USD vs JPY

  • GBP vs USD

  • USD vs CNY

Suppose you are traveling around the world. You can’t always make your payments in one currency. You convert your currency to the foreign currency at the respective exchange price to the country you are visiting. 

Similarly, In forex trading, you buy foreign currency as an investment just like you would buy a stock, bond. One earns a profit through the value of the investment going up or down. Yes, you read it right, Suppose If you make an investment in USD, you can make a profit even when the value of the USD is falling. 

Why Forex?

  1. Highly Liquid-able – It is a highly liquid-able market here you can instantly convert your investment into cash whenever required.

  1. No barrier in Entry & Exit – You can easily enter the forex market & can exit whenever you want.

  1. 24HR Market - Where most of the stock exchanges are generally open for only 7 hours a day (9 AM -4 PM), depending on the country where they are being operated from, One can trade in the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Start from Monday morning in New Zealand until it closes on Friday afternoon in New York. This gives traders a greater trading opportunity over the stock market and lets them trade anytime around the clock.

  1. Cost of trading is low - To make things easier for the traders and investors, forex brokers tend to take care of any fees associated with trading. This means you don’t end up paying for things like transfers fees, deposits fees, withdrawals fees, or exchange fees.  There are a few exceptions, depending on the type of product you’re trading in and how long you hold open trades, but on the whole, the cost of trading is generally very low and is highly transparent.

Enter the World of Forex With Experts.

Forex trading promises vast rewards if you learn it well and start trading consistently. Great returns are one of the main reasons why many investors are attracted to forex.

Like every investment, both risks and rewards are associated with forex trading. You should look at all of your options before deciding. To try out forex without risking any real money, open a free demo trading account to practice and once you feel comfortable, go ahead and get started with Capital Sands.



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